Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Baby Boston Breaker: This Gal Came To Play

As the self appointed Official Bleacher Report writer for the Boston Breakers Women's Soccer Team in the new Women's Pro Soccer League, I find myself being the Pied Piper of Bean-town.

Much like Paul Revere rode up and down the streets of Boston shouting "One if By Land and Two if By Sea," it seems as though I find myself shouting something new about the team each and every day.

Each time Kelly Smith scores another goal or Heather Mitts wipes her nose, I create a news flash.

I feel a bit like a new father, who alerts the entire family when my baby crawls, walks, runs. Every first something is captured in pictures or in this case my "New Baby's Journal."

More than a father, I see myself as being the caring Uncle. I want nothing but the best of everything for my new niece. Yet, at the end of the day, I can still return her wet little bottom back to Mom and Dad (who in this scenario, are any of a number of excited parents).

Maybe that is the best analogy of all for the fledgling team in the fledgling league. The Boston Breakers have clearly exited the Mother's Womb and are experiencing their first breaths in the new soccer world.

Opening night on the west coast must have seemed much the same as a child's first wide eyed day on the planet. She looked around at everything circling her crib and tried to make sense of new shapes, new sounds, new faces.

All of her new friends gathered around to see what our new gal looked like. Was she cute and cuddly? Was she strong and confident? Or did she look a little like a monkey like I allegedly did?

Much to everyone's pleasure our little Breaker was new, exciting, vibrant and full of an endless supply of energy. She was playful and enchanting. She was strong and poised. She possessed a certain level of confidence, despite her young age.

And most importantly she was healthy. In this case, she had 110 ten fingers and 110 toes (I know it's weird, but do the math...11 x 10 of each).

Her first day ended and though she was a little awkward she certainly took her first step. Maybe even more than a step, she walked. A little unsteady and maybe toeing in a bit with one foot, but she walked nonetheless.

Baby's first pictures appeared in all the local papers and friends of the family began following her every move. After a few days away, Baby Breaker finally came home and everyone was there to see her.

As guests entered her "Crib", to catch their first glimpse at Baby Breaker, they smiled from ear to ear. Her room had been remodeled, as it had been the infant home of many kids before her.

But, a fresh coat of paint and clean carpet and her room looked like new. It, too, possessed a new life and a new energy that comes with any addition to the family.

Over 4500 friends of the family, aunts, uncles, and cousins watched Baby Breaker as she hit the ground running. Much like my son, Corey, Baby Breaker didn't walk for long. She raised her own personal bar and she ran.

Up and down her "Crib" she frolicked and cajoled as the excited family cooed at every new first. First goal. First assist. First save. First stop. First Win! And she looked beautiful.

Baby Breaker had come to play.

Scrap books became immediately filled with newspaper articles telling the first events of Baby Breakers life. Flash bulbs popped and Kodak moments were taped onto our girl's eternal pages. We even captured Video of our little bundle of joy.

Baby Breaker was actually named "Most Beautiful Gal" amongst all who were born on the same day. And were we proud.

And now, as Uncles and Aunts, we sit back and watch Baby Breaker grow. Soon she'll become Toddler Breaker and, though she will face her share of growing pains, and maybe even a be forced to endure a teasing or two from her older siblings, there is no doubt in our minds that she will grow to be everything we hoped she would.

We'll grow to know her as "Breaker" as she will undoubtedly drop the infant like surname we have given to her. She'll continue to play. Continue to grow and continue to impress all who see her. She'll become an inspiration to everyone and a role model to many.

I suppose I'm getting ahead of myself in trying to see too far into her future. I want to enjoy her when she's young and unspoiled and naive and innocent. Too often gals like Breaker become hard and cold and distant and even a little bit arrogant as they become hardened by the ways of the world around her. But it's all part of growing up, I guess.

So I won't. I'll put her to bed for now and watch her sleep.

And I know, I'll have plenty of time to watch our little gal play.

Good night, Breaker. You made your Uncle proud.

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