Friday, March 26, 2010

J-NO Celebrates Birthday 1980's Style

On the 22nd day of March during a wide-ranging span of years throughout history, the Heavens parted and out dropped the likes of many famous individuals from various walks of life including: comedian Chico Marx (1887), actor Karl Malden (1912), "Captain Kirk" William Shatner (1931), Canadian figure skater Elvis Stojko (1972), actress Reese Witherspoon (1976), composer Andrew Lloyd Weber (1948) and sportscaster Bob Costas (1952). Each spent this day celebrating the anniversary of their birth some number of years ago.

Little did Boston Breakers' midfielder Jen Nobis know that when parents Pam and Mike Nobis headed for that little hospital in Quincy, Illinois on that fateful day in 1984, that she would end up sharing her special day with such an illustrious group.

With Marx and Malden laid safely to rest and Captain Kirk, Stojko, Witherspoon, Weber and Costas undoubtedly celebrating with family, the star of the Breakers got together with a couple of her closest friends, Darci and Kim, and celebrated birthday number 26 this week, 1980's style.

JNO, as she is called by friends and teammates, will likely miss the season due to an injury to her ACL. She has healed enough, however, to exhibit a few of her famed dance moves and displays of flexibility as filmed in her suburban (and somewhat unkempt) Boston apartment.

Nobis, whose outgoing and open personality has made her a media darling amongst local professional athletes, was willing to share her celebration as part of this exclusive birthday interview and her festive YouTube video shot prior to her night on the town with Darci and Kim.

Somehow I think I can hear Girls Just Wanna Have Fun blasting out of the eight-track player of Nobis' lime green Gremlin tooling around the streets of Boston. Happy Birthday JNO...and many more.

Todd Civin: Were you especially excited when you woke on your special day?

Jennifer Nobis: Yes, and then I realized I was up at 6:00 AM because I had to nanny! Such is the life of an injured Breaker.

TC: What flavor birthday cake is your favorite?

JNO: Confetti birthday cake!!!!!

TC: Do you eat the cake or the frosting first or both at the same time?

JNO: All at the same time. Love the feeling of double sweetness!

TC: Do you have a special birthday ritual?

JNO: I turn my music loud and sing the birthday song in whatever style of song I am listening too! Happy Birthday to me!

TC: What was the menu for your birthday dinner?

JNO: My favorite meal of ALL times is Macaroni and Tomato juice, so that's what we feasted on. I'll share the recipe with your readers. It's super simple. Drain the macaroni and put Campbell's tomato juice in it. DON'T mistake this for Tomato paste or soup. It's straight up JUICE. The key ingredient though is lots and lots of pepper! Enjoy!

TC: Was there a theme to your party?

JNO: I was born in '84, so our theme was 80’s!

TC: Did your host family get you anything special?

JNO: Sure did. They left for Paris for ten days and I had the big house to myself. The perfect gift.

TC: Any game playing like pin the tail on the donkey, bobbing for apples, clothes pin in the bottle?

JNO: Spin the bottle. Just kidding. We had a handstand contest, dance contest and, of course, who could get the most numbers that night! Ha,ha.

Tell us about your best birthday party growing up. How did this compare?

JNO: I had too many great ones. My twin and I use to have our birthday parties at the gymnastic center. Ha, ha I miss sharing my parties with Tyler.

TC: Who had the most outrageous 80's costume?

JNO: The birthday girl of course!! I was “Classic” 80’s, while Darci was “Cheerleader” 80’s and Kim was “Barbie” 80’s.

TC: Describe the music played at your party.

JNO: Ace of Base, Michael Jackson, Gangster Paradise. Let's say, I'm a well-rounded girl with lots of variety.

TC: Were there any birthday spankings or other approved "rough play"?

JNO: Todd, you know better that any kind of spanking isn't approved or appropriate at the age of 26.

TC: What is your preference, the traditional happy birthday song or the version sung at the 99 or Outback?

JNO: Neither, I like the Beatles version , but my favorite is when my parents and brother call me every year and sing to me!

TC: After playing in Sweden this season, can you say Happy Birthday in Swedish?

JNO: Grattis pŒ fšdelsedagen.

TC: What was your favorite gift received?

JNO: My underwater IPOD, so now I can swim laps and listen to music. From my parents. I LOVE YOU!!!

TC: Do you prefer a Hallmark or a homemade birthday card?

JNO: Homemade, by far!!

TC: Do you consider yourself to be 26 years old or 26 years young?

JNO: I am a 26-year-old who lives in a ten-year-old's body and mind! Well maybe not so much body, but mind for sure.

TC: At what age will you stop celebrating birthdays?

JNO: Never! Celebrating keeps you young no matter what age!

Jennifer Nobis' frequent blog posts can also be found at Connect World Football , along with that of fellow Boston Breaker, Tiffany Weimer and several other female soccer stars.

Todd Civin is a freelance writer who writes for Bleacher Report, Sports, Then and Now, and Seamheads. He also shares his top stories on his blog The 'xoxo' of Sports. He is a supporter of Team Hoyt, the father/son marathon and triathlon team of Dick and Rick Hoyt. He encourages you to support their movement of "Yes, I Can" by visiting their Web site at

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