Friday, February 19, 2010

Nobis Enters Post Op with Knee Bone connected to Her Humorous

A funny (not funny, ha, ha but funny unusual) thing happened to Boston Breakers forward Jennifer Nobis on the way to her second season in Women's Professional Soccer. The former Missouri standout tore her ACL two weeks ago while jogging.

That's right, jogging. A professional athlete, who can simultaneously juggle a round sphere while texting on her Droid Touch and flossing her teeth, tore her ACL while jogging.

Not to poke fun at the affable forward from Quincy, Ill., but I think this is the comedic equivalent of Dick Van Dyke flipping over his ottoman as he enters his living room at the start of each show.

Visions of Lucille Ball stuffing her bosom with chocolates or slurring her words while drunk on Vitameatavegamin. Now that's funny. A pro-athlete tearing their ACL while jogging? Not so much.

I caught up with "J-NO" following her surgery and for some reason expected the usually upbeat and always entertaining Nobis to have strayed from her "glass is half full" ways.

To be wallowing in self pity. Crying in her beer.

I envisioned her hair matted to her post operative head, some dried-up drool on her chin and her hospital gown pinned closed with a safety pin while she played the world's smallest violin and shared sob stories about the detour her career has taken as a result of her unfortunate twist of fate .

I quickly realized, however, that simply isn't be Nobis' style. The notorious life of the party and half of the famed Breakers comedy team of Latham (teammate Christine) and Nobis was quick to share her "laughter is the best medicine" philosophy during an email Q and A with yours truly.

In the spirit of the "Getting Silly" series that the Breakers players have graciously cooperated in putting together with me, I am pleased to present a special edition of Getting Silly Post-Op with "JNO".

Todd Civin: Was your surgery a success?

Jennifer Nobis: I still have a leg, so, yes for now.

TC: What was the most difficult part about the surgery?

JNO: My surgery was at 4 p.m. on Wednesday and they told me to stop eating and drinking at midnight on Tuesday. Don't doctors understand athletes LOVE TO EAT EVERY HOUR OF THE DAY? I was so hungry that I have never seen myself so moody before hahah !

TC: What are your goals for recovery?

JNO: To be in for treatment every day until I get better! I will even be doing my own rehab at the house. You never can do too many straight leg raises. Also, in two weeks my stitches come out so I will be in the pool twice a day, five days a week
to keep my endurance and cardio up. Crazy, I know!

TC: Did you get ice cream after your surgery?

JNO: Immediately after surgery I went to McDonald's and had a chocolate milk shake with my meal!

TC: Where should fans send their Get Well cards and letters?

JNO: If they have money in the cards, send them directly to my house. If they d on't you can send them to the Breakers headquarters.

TC: When do you hope to get back on the field?

JNO: Dating field or Game field? As soon as I can!

TC: Will you be able to participate with the team at all during your recovery?

JNO: Yeah, laughing at them while they are all dying through preseason. In all honesty, I will try and participate as much as possible. I'll be at every practice being the annoying positive go-getter on the sideline and being their biggest fan! Go Breakers!

TC: How was your experience with the hospital gown?

JNO: All I have to say is I hope people enjoy my backside!

TC: And the bathrooms? Were they to your liking?

JNO: Very clean and sterile, until I peed on the seat because my brace wouldn't
allow my leg to bend.

TC: Were there any cute doctors?

JNO: I saw many cute doctors, but I was on drugs, so you never know if I had my
"pill goggles" on.

TC: Did the other patients get annoyed with the line of fans and visitors outside of your hospital door?

JNO: I don't know, Todd. You are my No. 1 stalker. Were the guests mad when
you and the other fans were outside my door?

And then she flipped over the ottoman. TC

About Nobis :

Jennifer Nobis will begin blogging during he rehab and posting about life on and off the field at Connect World Football . CWF is a football agency that specializes in representing the active female football players.

"We work with uncompromising integrity through our global network to provide talented, ambitious, high-quality female football players the ability to further pursue their professional career, and to maximize their professional experience."

Todd Civin is a freelance writer who writes for Bleacher Report, Sports, Then and Now, and Seamheads. He also shares his top stories on his blog The 'xoxo' of Sports. He is a supporter of Team Hoyt, the father/son marathon and triathlon team of Dick and Rick Hoyt.

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