Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Getting Silly with the Boston Breakers' Christine Latham

The following is part of a weekly series in which writer Todd Civin presents the lighter side of the Boston Breakers of the WPS.

The league prides itself in the down-to-earth nature and approachability of its athletes, and Civin believes that "Getting Silly with the Breakers" is an fun-filled way to create a comfortable bond between the fans and the professional athletes who are the Boston Breakers.

A special thanks to Erica Hunt, the communications director for the team, as well as the players themselves for making this approach possible.

Well, I hope Breakers fans have enjoyed my first two visits to the Breakers locker room (well, not really, but a guy can make believe, right?). I was tickled to have the opportunity to share a light and airy peak at the two transplants from the left coast, Leslie Osborne and Tiffany Weimer.

In this week's, edition of "Getting Silly with the Breakers," we travel to the great north and get to tip back a few cold ones with Canadian-born Christine Latham. Latham played in 16 games for the Breakers last season following stints with the San Diego Spirit, New Jersey Wildcats, and Atlanta Silverbacks between 2003 and 2008.

Latham attended the University of Nebraska from 1999 to 2002 and has been a member of the Canadian National team since 2000.

Like her sisters in the previous two "Getting Silly" articles, Latham was willing to let her hair down and mix it up in the corners. Here's to throwing back a few Molson, taking an elbow to the chops, and taking off to the Great White North with Christine Latham.

Civ: Your bio said you used to play for the Celtics (Calgary Celtics, soccer). How cool was it to play with Paul Pierce?

Latham: Paul didn't know when he needed to let me shine. He was always stealing my thunder. I had to get outta there.

Civ: Being born in Calgary, did you consider a career in hockey?

Latham: I thought this whole time that I was playing hockey...

Civ: Was it your Canadian hockey background that led to your two-game suspension this season?

Latham: This is the exact reason I got suspended.

Civ: Did you ever actually husk corn when you attended Nebraska?

Latham: Had to go shag balls that went into the corn fields at practice. So that counts.

Civ: You scored a record 69 goals when you attended Nebraska; does the record still stand?

Latham: Yes, the record still stands and I am very proud of it.

Civ: What teammate is most likely to be arrested and for what offense?

Latham: Easy. Kristine Lilly for stealing pampers for her daughter li'l Sidney!!! Shame!

Civ: In the interview posted on YouTube conducted last June, was that Carrot Top who was interviewing you?

Latham: I thought so. I should have been interviewing him.

Civ: Your motto on your Web site is "If You're Not Living on the Edge, You're Taking Up Too Much Space." Do you have a problem with us fat guys?

Latham: I need to change that. I need to get on a diet myself. I have been taking up too much space.

Civ: Your WPS bio states you have an affection for money. How'd that $250 fine feel when you were suspended?

Latham: I wanted to die!

Civ: If you could have dinner with any character from The Office, who would it be?

Latham: Dwight, because he is sooooo sexy!

Civ: Any relation to Chris Latham the rugby star?

Latham: He is another prick that is stealing my thunder!

Civ: You haven't made an entry in your blog in months; how is that working out?

Latham: I cant keep up with every little thing I do in a day. I need a helper.

Civ: Your bio states that if you had a dinner party and could invite four people, they'd be Lil Wayne, Michelle Obama, Michael Jordan, and LeBron James— what would you serve?

Latham: I would serve a whole lotta fun. What else?

Civ: How much time could you spend on Newbury Street with your father's AMEX card?

Latham: I would live there.

Civ: What is the best British word that Kelly Smith taught you?

Latham: The word is stodgey. It's whatever you want it to be.

Civ: In your initial segment of "Boston Breakers Behind the Scenes," you appear to have a British accent, and in the second segment you do not. What's up with that?

Latham: I am a woman of many faces.

Civ: Who is bigger in Canada: Jason Bay, Alan Thicke, or Michael J. Fox?

Latham: Christine Latham. That's who's bigger.

Civ: Which movie was better: Strange Brew by the McKenzie Brothers or Slap Shot?

Latham: The Mighty Ducks.

Civ: Which Canadian comedian is funnier: John Candy, Rich Little, or Rick Moranis?

Latham: Loved John Candy.

Civ: And lastly, who is the hottest male athlete in Boston?

Latham: Too many. Can’t pick one...CALL ME!

Todd Civin is a freelance writer who writes for Bleacher Report, Sports, Then and Now, and Seamheads. He is a supporter of A Glove of Their Own, the award-winning children’s story that teaches paying it forward through baseball. When not writing sports, he is supposed to be looking for full-time paid work. To date, this has yet to occur.

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