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Getting "Daft" With The Queen of Defense: Boston Breakers' Alex Scott

The following is part of a weekly series in which writer Todd Civin presents the lighter side of the Boston Breakers of the WPS.

The league prides itself in the down-to-earth nature and approachability of its athletes, and "Civ" believes that "Getting Silly with the Breakers" is an fun-filled way to create a comfortable bond between the fans and the professional athletes who are the Boston Breakers.

A special thanks to Erica Hunt, the communications director for the team, as well as the players themselves for making this approach possible.

As my New England Patriots football team falls behind 24-0 in the first quarter of their AFC playoff game, I've decided to take an Imodium, remove my finger from my throat and post this week's "Getting Silly" interview with a "real football" player, Alex Scott of the Boston Breakers.

Hardly an expert in the "proper" English that Scott speaks, I was forced to resort to the internet's English to English translation in order to present a "linguistically correct" version of my weekly getting to know you post.

After a few minutes of educating myself on the finer points of speaking British, I stumbled upon the word "daft" which is defined as - "daft

adj. daft·er, daft·est; 1. Mad; crazy. 2. Foolish; stupid. 3. Scots Frolicsome.

So in the spirit of both Scott and the country that brought us "real football", I present to you "Getting Daft With the Breakers' Alex Scott; Queen of the Defense."

Civ: Alex, how would you compare the city of Boston with the city of London?

Alex: Both are very cool cities where you can hang out, grab some food; great for shopping and there is always something to do. However, I would say Boston is a lot more laid back. Everything and everyone in London is going 110 mph. London is very full on, but very fun.

Civ: You were traded from Chicago to Boston before the season started. Was this to entice fellow countryman, Kelly Smith, to sign with the Breakers?

AS: Are you saying that the Breakers do not really want me? Boston are just keeping me to keep Kelly Smith happy? Hmm, wait till I get back to Boston. You could have started something here, ha. This could now give me a good bargaining tool in the future. Thank you, ha.

On a serious note, I think Kelly Smith like myself is very much her own person and would not make a major decision based around someone else. That would make me feel really special though. What if Chicago drafted me just to entice Kelly Smith there- just to throw a spanner into your thinking, ha!

Civ: What is your favorite spot in London for fish and chips? Can you tell us how they are served?

AS: Ha ha, I would say anywhere in East London! Always served in newspaper wrapping (cone shaped), lots of salt and vinegar fat chips on the bottom with battered fish plonked on the top. Enjoy! Not recommend in a soccer player's diet, however. Maybe as a treat if we manage to beat Sky Blue next year.

Civ: Give us three words in "English" that amused your US teammates.

AS: Oh my God. I really could not give you three words. I think my teammates find my whole vocabulary quick amusing. I can not think for the love of me why. Either that I speak too fast, either that I am very Cockney or they just have no clue what I am chatting about half the time. I think this last one applies to Lil (Kristine Lilly). Kelly Smith translates for Lil when it comes to my speech.

Civ: I saw you interviewed by Nobis and Latham. How would you describe their British accents?

AS: Shocking! Have they not seen Austin Powers?

Civ: What are bangers and mash and do you enjoy them?

AS: This dish is sausages, mash with gravy; a very old school English dish, but it's lovely!

Civ: Who is funnier Monty Python, Benny Hill or Mr. Bean?

AS: I think I find this question funnier than the people you have given me too choose from. This question is making me feel young. I think people like Ellen Degeneres are very funny British comedian, Alan Carr.

Civ: What is meant by the expression "He's a jammy sod indeed"?

AS: Or "He's a jammy bugger"! This is an English term to describe someone that either gets away with something they should not have or something falls their way from no where i.e I won the Lotto, you would say...You jammy sod!

Civ: What is your favorite British TV Game show and describe how it is played?

AS: Wipeout, that game is dangerous but, soooo funny. I think there is an American version now?

Civ: Tell us about the cross bar challenge.

AS: Everyone, including coaches, on the team has one chance from around the half way line-ish to strike the ball from the floor and try and hit the cross bar. Trust the only one in the Boston team to do it to be Kelly. It was a fix. Really, she ain't that good!

Civ: Do you have a good luck charm or a pre-game ritual?

AS: I have to have a Red Bull. The other one comes after the game. Ermm, I have to keep it on the DL and hope my teammates do not dob me in. Ha, ha.

Civ: I'm not quite sure how to translate that, Alex. Umm. What is your favorite breakfast food? And also, your favorite fast food restaurant?

AS: This one is a bore. I am a light breakfast eater, so just a bowl of cereal! Fast food? I tend to say away from, but i did read that our new teammate, Leslie Osbourne's New Year's resolution is to cook more home made meals. So, I will get my take away container, knock on her door and sample what she has on the menu. It will be nice if Latham actually cooks this season too, instead of just getting everyone else to do it for her. Amen!

Civ: How cool was it to be named to the All-Star team in your first season?

AS: Soooo cool! Something I never expected! To be voted into a top 11 by other professionals, coaches, media, and fans is and we always be a major honor for me. It also means that this season I have to work double harder to try and achieve it again, so I can actually play in it this time. Thank you to everyone who voted me!!

Civ: You scored one goal and one assist and one red card all against the Freedom. Coincidence or not?

AS: Wow, this is scary and to top it off, the Freedom is our 1st game of the 2010 season. What will this game hold in store for me?

Civ: What has been your funniest all-time moment as a Breaker?

There's too many. Heather Mitts birthday pin'ata in the locker room was so funny! Ang's wine and cheese party - I am sure karaoke was involved at some point??

Then there is Lath getting Jam Scammed on the radio - Sucker!! Then the team playing a scare prank on her when she was on the toilet! Moments never to forget! Team Breakers!

Civ: Have you been to a Red Sox game yet and how was the experience?

AS: Yes and I still have no clue what the heck the rules are for this game and I found out it goes on for hours so wrap up warm well when your in Boston anyway. The experience was very pleasant, thanks. Next up a Celtic game, I think!

Civ: Have you laid down a challenge for Heather Mitts yet for the upcoming season?

AS: You are giving me a chance to plug my fox soccer blog here, ha. In my latest blog, I laid down the challenge for the right back who scores the most goals this season in the WPS. I need to come up with the winning prize though? You will all be glad to know Mittsay accepted. So, Game On! Girls, I'm on the PK's this season, ha, ha.

Civ: Who is the star athlete you most often get mistaken for?

AS: Hahahaha..You are good! Fallen star, Marion Jones! I can not see it myself, though.

19) Tell us about your dogs.

AS: A picture paints a thousand words, so here you go. How cute! This is Bailey and Ella in the very snowing England.

Civ: Who was your roommate and does she snore? Does she own funny pajamas?

AS: None other than, Christine 'Laydown' Latham. No to the snoring and as for the pajamas. I wished she would put them on! I do tell her that us English are very reserved. Ha, ha. I have brought her some for this season, so we shall see what happens, ha, ha.

Todd Civin is a freelance writer who writes for Bleacher Report, Sports, Then and Now, and Seamheads. He is a supporter of A Glove of Their Own, the award-winning children’s story that teaches paying it forward through baseball. He also shares his top stories on his blog The 'xoxo' of Sports.

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