Sunday, January 3, 2010

Adam Schefter Tweets: Initial Tests Show Patriots' Wes Welker Tore ACL and MCL

ESPN's Adam Schefler tweeted and filed a report with ESPN that New England Patriots' wideout Wes Welker appears to have torn both his ACL and his MCL in today's game against the Houston Texans.

As reported earlier, Welker went down on the Patriots first series after catching his left foot in the turf following a catch that gave the Patriots a first down.

Houston safety, Bernard Pollard, made the stop as Welker crumbled to the ground writhing in obvious pain. Pollard was responsible for the below knee hit which sidelined Patriots' quarterback Tom Brady for the entire 2008-09 season.

After being helped to the sidelines, Welker sat on the bench with a towel covering his head. It is not clear whether he was crying due to the pain or upset at the thought of missing the Patriot's playoff run.

Schefler reported that Welker would undergo additional tests tomorrow to confirm the severity of the injury.

Welker's father, Leland, told the Boston Globe, "I've seen him look like that before. It was always in a losing effort or something like that. It wasn't a good sign."

His mother, Shelley, told the Boston Herald her son was "very, very upset."

Mrs. Welker added, "It's one of those where it's a cut he makes all the time. And I don't know what happened. But just say your prayers for him and hope it's not anything bad."

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