Thursday, September 3, 2009

"A Glove of Their Own" Pays It Forward to Honor It's Central Jersey Home

The A Glove of Their Own story is a simple one. It's all about giving and sharing and family and paying it forward. It's about the wholesome family values that we strive for each and every day and remain tested, yet unspoiled, because we simply refuse to let them slip from our grasp.

The book, a children's story, has multiplied into a movement of giving that is being adopted across the nation by players, coaches, organizations, and parents to not only provide giving, but to teach giving.

Metaphorically, A Glove of Their Own is the pebble that is tossed into the middle of a quiet pond and the movement is the ripples that flow out from the submerged stone. Long after the pebble has disappeared from view, the ripples continue to spread from the epicenter. The book is the pebble. The ripples are the movement of giving.

Bob Salomon, the co-creator and driving force behind A Glove of Their Own tossed that rock a year ago when he became involved with three New Jersey mothers who collaborated to write A Glove of Their Own. He is the spirit behind the movement that is capturing the heart of the glove at a time.

"I'm the Little League coach with a vision," said the nine-year resident of Howell, NJ a seashore New Jersey community that will be celebrating it's 37th Howell Day on Sept. 26.

"From the moment I read the words of the book I knew it was bigger than just the book. I knew it could become a centerpiece for families to rally around, for schools and groups and entire towns to rally around to promote sharing and giving and family. That's why I'm so excited that the book has been invited to be a part of Howell Day."

Salomon and author Keri Conkling will be signing copies of A Glove of Their Own throughout the afternoon, and in the spirit of the book will be giving $3.00 per sale to the Howell Parks and Recreation Department who is putting on the event.

"Howell Day has been happening long before my family and I moved to town," explained Salomon, "but what it brings to the town is the same type of spirit that our book brings. Families look forward to Howell Day all year long. Hopefully our book can give back to an organization that gives our town so much."

Howell Day will be held on Sept. 26 from noon to 6:00 PM at Oak Glenn Park in Howell, NJ and is billed as a day long event filled with family fun.

The day includes free carnival rides, pony rides, entertainment, food, and arts and crafts for children of all ages. Howell Day has become an event that is synonymous with Howell and family entertainment.

"I am truly honored that my town and the recreation department supports the book and has invited me and the authors to be part of this wonderful event. We have done several events, but I am most excited about Howell Day."

"Davide (pronounced Dav-e-day) and the entire Parks and Recreation Department does a fantastic job every day of the year. His heart is in the right place all the time, but we see the culmination of a year long effort on Howell Day. The entire town comes to life the second the gates open."

"Howell is a very close knit town and it deserves a day in it's honor. I can't think of a better man than Davide to be the spirit behind this tremendous day honoring Howell."

Davide Fuoco is in his second year as director of the Howell Parks and Recreation department and is equally excited about this annual event.

"We expect a crowd of about 10-15,000 people from, not only Howell, but from most of the central Jersey area."

"There will be free carnival rides, pony rides, and arts & crafts for the children," explained Fuoco. "Plus, musical entertainment, skydivers, K-9 demonstrations, and several vendors promoting their companies with lots of giveaways, great food, and lots of great family fun!"

For those who have been to Howell Day before there is reason to come again this year as Fuoco and his team has brought in several new rides for the children, new musical groups and performers and the Howell H.S. Band.

"I am even trying to incorporate a Pro Wrestling Show, a clown and a western show!"

"We will also have all-day radio broadcasts by 100.1 WJRZ from noon to 3 p.m. featuring classic hits from the 1960s and 1970s, with WRAT 95.9 taking over the sounds from 3 to 6 p.m. and playing the latest rock tunes."

"Plus we'll have the music of Magic Moments from 2-3:30 and Rocksplosion from 4-5:30."

"There is literally something for everyone at Howell Day and we are thrilled to have The team of A Glove of Their Own joining us for the event,"added Fuoco.

"I love the book, enjoyed the pictures and most importantly appreciate the message. Working with Coach Bob has been a pleasure as well. I admire his enthusiasm and passion for the book and I share his passion for the Howell Community."

And the ripples spread a little further thanks to a couple of Howell's finest who think pretty highly of their picturesque New Jersey town. Paying it Forward together to honor the town in which they live.

Todd Civin is a freelance writer for Bleacher Report, Sports Then and Now, and Seamheads. He can be reached at for hire or comments.
He is a supporter of A Glove of Their Own, the award-winning children's story that teaches sharing through baseball.

Please visit the site and purchase the book under today's donor code HPR121, Howell Parks and Recreation Department, as $3.00 from each book sale will be donated to that wonderful group, while an additional .30 per book to purchase sporting equipment for underprivileged children.

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